10 Classic Twilight Zone Comic Covers


Rare Horror

I recently stumbled across some Twilight Zone comics from the 60s and 70s and realized that many of them had fantastic cover art.   Because of the popularity of our post about old horror comic covers, I figured I would do a follow up which focused only on The Twilight Zone.  There are other great ones that could have made this list but I decided to focus only the more horror themed covers.

1. Issue #30  –  Definitely one of the creepiest comic covers I’ve seen.

TZ Comic 2

2.  Issue #12  – I guess it just reminds me of all the classic, atmospheric horror movies I love.

TZ Comic 1

3. Issue #9 – This one is just simply beautiful and what a great tag-line!

TZ Comic 3

4. Issue #48  – A killer light? Really?  Well the cover has me sold on the concept.

TZ Comic 4

5.  Issue #55 – Now I have to know how a poor memory can cause women to drive off cliffs and…

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